Please feel free to link to my work, and please also remember to give me credit for what I do (because we all know that you're gonna be blaming me when things go sour anyway, am I right?  Well, am I?  ANSWER ME!  Because I think it should be apparent to you by now that I crave your validation.)

Listen, I know it, you know it: my stuff is funny.  In this absurd, off-the-wall, wacky, zany kind of way.  You love my work, I love my work.  So please, pay me for the chuckles (Cyber-Chicken Theater Tickets tab), and then forward this crap highbrow humor on to all the intellectuals you know who have been spending wayyyy too much time pondering the complexities of nuclear disarmament and who could sure use a break, so go ahead and forward it on to them and then tell them where you got it (that would be here and tell them that I wrote this for you in the first place (my super secret identity is J.L. Godwin), and then also please consider this and that is that it is my passion and calling to dress like a chicken and roller skate around the land and make you a nice funny movie and then at least one sequel but probably more, and also create the absurd drivel blog text and so forth which is my original work and which is protected by copyright as soon as I can get my poor feathered brain into a state where it can grind through the cognitive difficulties confronting it whenever it tries to navigate any governmental requirements-type maze, oh, and please also go visit the Creative Commons so that you can read the riveting "Human-Readable Summary of the Legal Code" (here and plus then you will also find that these symbols I am posting** mean that you should never use my stuff for your own profit.

Listen, if you need to make some dough, call me.  We'll talk.  I need to make some money, you need to make some money, if we put our heads together and make full use of the combined wattage generated by those two brain cells, we might come up with a good, solid plan for a way to spread joy o'er the land and feed our families and maybe put something by for retirement and so forth.  Anyhoo, symbols follow.  Remember, stealing stuff makes you feel bad (after the initial euphoric rush, which doesn't really feel good, it just feels, I don't know, fast, or something).  So, don't go for bad.  Go for good.

**You know what else I decided is that it is Friday and I am not going to keep trying to get the copyright symbols from the Commons yet, just please respect my things and don't try to make any money from them unless you're helping me make money from them, too.  Unless, of course, you're the government, because we all know that you're just gonna be taking whatever you want whenever you want it and that, since we are by the people and for the people, that it really means that I'm taking it from myself to give back to me and my family anyway, right?  Wrong.  Theoretically, that might be some kind of a warped logical thread to follow, but OMG it is Friday, and what am I doing trying to think of funny things to write now?!!!  That's crazy, is what it is.
Have a nice weekend.  I'll finish posting those little symbols that we all know and love as the valiant protectors of someone's work next week.  Maybe.  Seeing as how I'll be traveling, or migrating, though, and it may be a bit of a hassle, just consider it one of my "to-do's."

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J.L. Godwin
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