Monday, December 3, 2012

Another Lame-O Excuse - This Time for Real Though

You all may have noticed my greater-in-duration-than-usual absence from the blog here, and I must, for once, be honest.  Here's the deal.  I want to skate across the nation in a chicken suit, but I'm too scared to actually go out and ask people for all of the money it's going to take to fund my endeavor, so instead, I started a company doing what I already know how to do in my day-job, and it's been cutting into my writin' time.

However, rest assured, my good friends, that this little hiccup on the writing front is really in our best interest, because now I'm going to make a bazillion bucks doing this other stuff and then fund this here chicken-skate project , and then you'll all laugh your heads off as a result.

Thanks for your patience, and please feel free to poke around the blog in the meanwhile and catch up on all of the fowl offerings within.

I will, of course, be checking email and the comments on a semi-regular basis.  (How's that for non-committal?)

Yer professional,