Big Chicken's Southern Migration

That's right folks, the Big Chicken's First Annual Southern Migration begins next week!   From the far, far north, your Very Big C shall be wingin' it on back down to the lower 48.  So, if you want a piece of me, gimme a holler and maybe I'll stop by and we can meet and work on this whole crazy film concept and then I can eat all of your corn chips and you can have my grubs ('cause I'm a little tired of the garlic ones, although you could just order some fresh from that one website over at , and then if I decide not to eat them while we are visiting, then you could always use them for their intended purpose of making compost later).
So, current planned stops along the southern migration include:

Las Vegas, NV (just don't talk to me while I'm watching chicks with feathers, 'cause I won't answer)
Albuquerque, NM (film production companies reside there)
Alexandria, LA (none of your beeswax)

I will be out of touch Wednesday-Thursday, September 15-16, but back online Friday the 17th, so be sure to follow me on Twitter ( and on this Blogspot ( so you'll be kept current with all the craziness - realtime.  Because if I have to put up with all this crap, then you should, too.

Your Incredibly Large and Hopefully Still Travel-Worthy C
zbigchicken at gmail dot com (remember the z before the b)