Big Chicken Sponsors & Contest Winners

The Big Chicken would like to thank all of the folks who are so generously offering their time, talent, expertise, skill, creativity, and cold hard cash to this chicken skate endeavor.  My creator and I could not be doing this crazy thing without you.  (Of course, your expressed needs for anonymity regarding what you are doing here shall be respected. )


D_d (yes, they both asked to remain anonymous)
My Siblings _______, _______, ________, and ________ (Although I take that back, because ______ and _______ haven't actually stated their support yet, so it really should read "_______ and _______")
Aunt ________ and Uncle_________
H______ _______ of _________ ________, Business Advisor
E_______ _______, Scientist and Muse
J_______ _______, Funniest Guy Ever
A______ ________, Artist, Costume Designer, Friend
Dr. J_______ _______, Creative Consultant, Doctor
R______ _______ & A_______ ________, Immoral Support
D______ _______ of _________ ________, Editing & Motion Graphics, Funny Guy
K_______ ________, Film Maker & Production Advisor
G_______ ________, Creative Consultant, Funny Lady (also a Big Chicken Contest Winner, see below)
J________ ________, Composer and Funny Guy (remember him when you see the helicopter scene, that's all I'm saying)
J______ _______, First Non-Familial Cold Hard Cash Sponsor
M______ & W________ _________, Sponsorship Advisors
A______ in A_______, Technical Advisor

J_______ in A_______, Creative Consultant (Remember her when you see the group therapy scene)
J_______ ________, Creative Consultant (Remember her when you read the as-yet-unwritten "Another Take on the Nice Mid-Western Lady")
J_______ ________, Website Advisor
J______ ____, Fresh Fish for a Hungry Chicken
T_____ ______ and K______ _______, Creative Consultants

Big Chicken Contest Winners
Ms. G_________ "Why Did the Chicken Cross America" ____________
Big C_______ (Yes, I can be my own contest winner.  There are no rules against that sort of thing here.  Plus, Ms. G_______'s name looked lonely down here, so I just swung on in and made myself a "winner" so's I could hang out with her for a bit.  Especially since I shall be migrating soon.  However, I, too, have chosen to remain anonymous, as I do value as well as respect my own privacy.  Thank you. 
I knew that you would understand.)